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Friends Only :D

Sense a lot of my friend's from Xanga are headed over here I need to make this friends only :D

There are a few rules if you are going to be my friend on here :D

1. o.O; Don't dis me. Seriously dude, if you don't like me keep it to yourself. The whole wrold doesn't need to know.
2. Atleast have similar taste in music as I do >_>; It get's annyoging when all I like is Asian music and you hate anything Asian o.O;
3. Don't hate the Asian's. Seriously. HALF-ASIAN HERE 
4. Dont Get all annoyed with me if I never post anything in MY journal. That just could be because I have oh, a life?
5. CONTROL atleast some of your hormones. Dont' go "LYKEOMG! THEY ARE SO HOT!" 
6. Comment when you add me as a friend. 
7. Don't come here going "HOW COME YOU NEVER COMMENT ON MY ENTRIES?!"... That may be because you never post anything that I want to comment bout :D
8. Don't Bore me :D
9. Don't bitch about your problem's here. You can do that in your Journal, not mine.
10. Don't start cat fight's here. 

Have a Nice Day :D